The Mammoth May Slob

"It feels like May has been a long month. I swear it's gone on forever."

This is something a friend said to me today. And, reader, I have to agree. But perhaps for a different reason.

You see, this month I have been nothing short of slothful. No running, no yoga, lots of pizza. And it does indeed feel like I've been in a state of perpetual slob for a loooong time. Damn I feel gross. 

I'm not entirely sure why I've been so lazy (and greedy), but it probably has something to do with my last post; when I hit a frustrating wall with injury.

Is it bad to have a break from everything? Is it a complete fail in self-discipline? Or does it help to re-boot and start back stronger than ever?

Probably not when I've dedicated myself to a training plan for a 10K. Well, this week I squeezed back into my running tights (did I really eat that much?) and took my first tentative steps back out on the road. 

It felt good. My legs were fine and it was a real pleasure to be back out running. Dear god, why did I stop? I love this.

Note to self: when I feel myself slipping, remember that running actually makes me feel good. 

Stick with it. 


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