Checking in... with a hint of self pity

Well. A hint might be something of an understatement. I'm wallowing in it.

I'm proud of my running efforts over the past week, but tonight I am aching and sore and grumbling about it.

I'm not doing huge distances whatsoever, but I still manage to sustain tight calves, delicate shins and a niggling pull somewhere around my left SI joint. My boyfriend isn't wrong when he says I sound like a  hypochondriac - but it doesn't make my symptoms any less real.

It's frustrating that, even at my meek level of running, I still don't seem to stretch enough. My running form is ok and my trainers fine. But I'm still doing something wrong.

To add to the mix tonight, I have cuts all over my feet from a weekend of bad summer footwear; and sunburn after being stranded on an island with no sunblock or shade. You heard me: stranded on an island. Let's just say it's a whole other story and I've redeemed myself with a donation to the RNLI. But damn, chafing sunburn when out running is tough.

Ok so enough moping. I've grumbled, I've got compression sleeves on, legs raised, drank some milk and done whatever other tips my glossy Runner's World magazine recommends.

I've done what I can, so all that's left is REST.



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