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Mid-year review: 2017 goals

Where the hell did the first half of 2017 go? Time freaks me out. It is a fickle thing. Speak to my husband and he'll tell you, with a mix of frustration and resignation, just how poor my perception of time is.

But here we are, halfway through another year; the days are long and I haven't switched the heating on for weeks (a victory for my bank balance, if nothing else). Ever the reflective sort, it seemed like a good idea to review 2017 and my goals so far.

A lot has happened. It's probably been my busiest running year yet. I've had highs and lows, dropped some things while picking up new and exciting stuff too. 

Trail running

It was only March when I achieved my big goal of the year - hitting the trails and completing the Forest of Dean Half Marathon. This already feels so long ago now, it's pretty good to remember and soak in my own little glory.

My second Half Marathon, and my first on anything that wasn't tarmac and flat, the FOD Half signified so much. By…

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