Hi folks,

I'm back after a couple of weeks of silence. The break wasn't out of laziness, but more of a shell-shocked state.

I don't think there is anyone who hasn't in some way been affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. Acts such as these will always horrify and pain society, but this one seemed especially senseless given the charitable and bonding nature of races.

I know a lot of people who have taken part in marathons and, since taking part in two charity races myself, I may one day reach the finish line of a 26-miler. Races are such an integral part of our world - they happen in every community and anyone can take part, from professional athletes to your average office worker (me) - that when something as crazy as this happens, it brings it home how an unreal scenario can suddenly and unexpectedly become a reality to me... my family... my friends.

Soon after, the London Marathon kicked off, bringing it all even closer to home. You couldn't help but worry / pray / hold your breath / hope that everything would be ok. But, thankfully, it was a success and an inspiration that runner's were even more determined to run and show their support for Boston.

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So I've been a bit quiet. It seemed inappropriate to write about my training sessions and new compression sleeves when we're all reeling from bigger and more important things.

However, I couldn't not blog about the Boston bombings at some point... as a sign of recognition and respect for those affected, I guess. I feel for those who have lost loved ones, and those who have a long way to go to heal and recover, both emotionally and physically.

I was particularly moved by the below clip of an interview with a runner who had lost her foot in the attack.

This is going to be on every runner's mind for a long, long time.


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