Photoblog: Parkrunathon 2017

When I set my 2017 goal of working on my 5k's, I didn't think it would be in the form of tackling ten in one weekend.

But that's exactly what a group of us from CDF Runners did, in aid of Velindre and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Parkrunathon 2017 was a multi-stage tour of ten parkruns across south east Wales, held over a weekend and totaling 50km. 

We covered Pontypridd, Penallta, Bryn Bach, Pontypool and Cwmbran on the Saturday; followed the next day by Newport, Riverfront, Barry, Cardiff and finally the unofficial parkrun of CDF Runners, Grangemoor.

A relaxed (and free) event organised by CDF Runners, people dipped in and out of different parkruns along the way, attending whichever ones they could or fancied doing. Some people walked or ran sections of the routes, or cheered from the sidelines.  We all shared copious amounts of cake, flapjacks, sweets and snacks.

For some reason, I decided I wanted to take on all ten parkruns. I didn't care how slow I was, it was the distance that drew me. This meant a lot: to keep going and achieve something completely new. I've been fascinated/obsessed with ultra running for a long time, and this felt like a 'gentle' introduction to it - 30 miles in bite-size 5km runs, with rest breaks (mostly driving to the next parkrun!) in a chilled out environment.

So here we go! Photos from parkrunathon 2017 -

1. Pontypridd parkrun (Saturday 9am)


2. Penallta parkrun (Saturday 10:50am)

3. Bryn Bach parkrun (Saturday 12:30pm)

4. Pontypool parkrun (Saturday 2:40pm)

5. Cwmbran parkrun (Saturday 4:10pm)

6. Newport parkrun (Sunday 9am) 

7. Riverfront parkrun (Sunday 10:40am)

8. Barry parkrun (Sunday 12:40pm)

9. Cardiff parkrun (Sunday 2:40pm)

10. Grangemoor parkrun (Sunday 4pm)

Crossing the finish line of the final parkrun with Diane - a special moment!

Never, ever in all my time running did I think I could achieve anything like this - 50km! Even running two days in a row is a big deal to me.

Some moments were really tough, mentally more than anything. Anyone that's ever been injured knows that fear before a race, not sure if you (and your knees, hips, shins or whole body) will hold it together.

I was slow. Pretty much the slowest, in fact. But I kept going. And I had amazing support, especially from Diane who stuck with me to the end. I will be forever grateful for that.

So now I'm in the 50k club - the band of runners who completed all ten parkruns that weekend. One of my proudest achievements!


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