I run, therefore I grump: Joining The Grumpy Jogger Club

That's right, folks. I've joined the Grumpy Jogger Club!

This is something of a belated blog post, after a mini digital detox / getting my head stuck in paperwork and whatnot. 

But I wanted to say thanks to talented artist Kate, The Original Grumpy Jogger, for drawing me and adding me to the ranks.

Kate is a blogger and artist in Cardiff. She says:

"I write about my grumpy running and I draw the runners who grump with me."

When Kate isn't immortalising your Run Face, she's busy racing and writing about it. Check out her latest blog post about Women's Running 10K here.

Kate sketched me from my Silverstone Half Marathon pics, and certainly captured how I felt around mile nine!

Smiling (for now) by the pits at Silverstone, and my Grumpy Jogger drawing

I'm pretty chuffed with my pic. If you want to join the Grumpy Jogger Club, ping Kate a message at @grumpyjogger.

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