The blog formerly known as...

A few weeks ago I got married.

Aside from the obvious thrill and excitement of this life-changing event, I was also pretty psyched to be changing my name. Praise be, I have said goodbye to my days of phonetically spelling out a long surname forever.

It was also an ideal opportunity to change the name of my blog. I sort of had to, really, seeing as part of my old name was in the title.

What does it mean, though, to change your name in the world of Web 2.0? Gone are the days when your name is on just bills and a passport; now it's on dozens of online accounts. In a world where we tweet, like, blog and post an endless stream of data and images, we've created something of an online brand for ourselves.

It's a pain. I didn't realise how much of a faff it would really be. But if nothing else, it gives you the chance to reinvent yourself a little. It's like putting on a new set of clothes - who do you want to be today?

Now that is fun.

After grappling with a new 'identity' on Google, I said farewell to Moore Running and hello Running Yogi. I was pretty excited about this change. It simply reflects, in a nutshell, exactly what I love and what I am all about.

So as we approach 2016, I have a new name - in more ways than one - and I'm excited where this new outfit will take me :)

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