Running postcards from... Cardiff Bay

I love Cardiff. Especially at this time of year, when morning runs become a real treat. Quiet streets, cool air, blue sky, plenty of gorgeous architecture and green space. 

Today's run took me down to the Bay; circling the Millennium Centre, boasting a blinding bronze sheen in the rising sun, and onto the docks. 

The Millennium Centre from Lloyd George Avenue

Science artwork exhibition outside the Senedd

I don't often go around Roath Basin, but it is a great place to do a couple of laps on your way to or from the Barrage. Racing the boats leaving the dock proved futile though, and I got caught out waiting for the bridge to re-open.

The Stavros S Niarchos getting ready to leave Cardiff

Roath Basin

Cardiff Bay is actually a lot bigger than most people think - there's a lot more to it than Mermaid Quay, including a wetland reserve, the docks and a park. Make sure you check it out on your next run :)  

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