Hello blogosphere.

Long time no speak.

I've been around, and I'm still running (sort of - more on that later), but I have been on something of a digital detox lately.

I return to Blogger newly qualified, having spent most of the past year working on a diploma and an accreditation programme.

It's been stressful and exhausting, but running remained a vital part of maintaining my health - and sanity.

Sadly, I haven't had as many milestones in my running as my career. Work has at times interfered with training, let's be realistic, but what really bothers me is the ITBS that has plagued me for months - quashing my half marathon goal.

I was also in a car accident, which exacerbated tension and imbalance, cascading down my back, hips and legs like a dot-to-dot drawing.

This time last year, my long run was around 10 miles. Today, it's about 5k - which I'm lucky to reach without some knee pain.

Countless stability and strengthening routines later, I'm no better off. This makes me mad. And desperate. But I remain positive, looking for short and long term solutions.

So I return to this blog slightly broken but on a quest.

It's not all doom and gloom. As ever, I'm learning, and I've realised two important things over these last few months:

1) Slow down. Everything.

2) Love, and focus solely on, my own achievements. My first injury-free mile felt far better than anyone else's race.

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