Dear body: Parlez-vous anglais?

I have no idea what my body is trying to tell me right now.

At what point on the scale of 'aching' does it become a problem that needs to be addressed? Everyone aches after a run (if you don't, I hate you). But aching can lead to tightness, and tightness to stiffness, and stiffness to injury. When should I persevere with race training and when should I stop?

Frozen sweetcorn therapy

No one wants to quit, but no one wants an injury either. It's like my internal gauge, which I always thought was pretty good, has malfunctioned and I'm caught in limbo - do I have a problem, or am I being a wuss? 

Right now, I ache and my right ankle is stiff and tight. The tendons are sore. It's uncomfortable, but once I've warmed up it is significantly better. This tells me I have a soft tissue problem as opposed to a full blown injury, when it'd surely be the other way round. However, after every run the tightness gets worse. I'm a ticking time bomb. 

The only way I'm going to know for sure now is by seeking advice. Listening to your body is so important, I've always known that, but when you feel like your body is speaking a different language someone has to help you. 

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