When you can't see the wood for the trees

Take a walk in the woods.

Well that's what I did today.

To say I've been stressed this past month is an understatement. There aren't enough hours in the day to juggle projects at work, complete my first diploma essay, log CPD points by a tight deadline, eat, sleep, live. And when am I going to fit in that five mile run I optimistically scheduled?


As you know, I rather like stopping. But it probably doesn't sound like the best time to stop. After all, whatever I do, the clock will keep ticking.

There comes a point though, when juggling meets meltdown, when you have to stop. If you don't, something else will make you - a spiritual intervention, perhaps. Or poor health. 

Something made me stop today. Two things, actually - my boyfriend and the sun. 

It's been a beautiful Sunday and I faced another day inside, hunched over my laptop and pulling my hair out over leadership theories. 

The boyfriend recognised, before me, that I wasn't getting anywhere with this utterly depressing approach. It was time to stop, step back and breathe. 

So we went for a walk. And the best place to get some head-space is near trees. 

I love trees. They calm me down and help me to think clearly. Even before I was back at my desk I felt human again and the ideas started flowing. 

(c) Mark Hawkins
(c) Mark Hawkins

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