Booked: Swansea Bay 10K

Last night I signed up to the Swansea Bay 10K this September, meaning... I am on my way to completing my very first 10km race.

After clicking 'submit' I took a deep breath and smiled. This means a lot to me. For so long I have thought myself incapable of running any distance beyond a frantic dash for a train - and even that would have been tough. 

I'm a bit nervous (that's normal, right?), but I do believe in myself. I almost feel embarrassed saying that: it's so un-British to declare self belief, and it is a cultural block that has held me back for a long time. 

If acknowledging your capabilities within yourself feels awkward, then proclaiming them is downright sinful. So, yes, it does feel weird / alien / cheesy uttering the b-word, but without it I would not have got this far or clicked 'submit' on that entry form.

The Swansea Bay 10K route

Anyway, I'm really excited about doing this race in Swansea. If you've never been, Swansea Bay is a fantastic place to run. When the city isn't in a blanket of drizzle, you get great views across the bay and, importantly, it's all flat - something I was keen to find for my first 10K.

I've done a lot of running along the sea front and through the marina, and I'll always be fond of it. I think the only let-down is when you get a piercing wind cutting through you, but the sound of the waves and those special sunsets make it a very worthwhile and satisfying place to run.

would drift
I love immersing myself in a run along the Bay (c) Mark Hawkins

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