Let the training commence

It's official: my training plan for my first 10k is underway.

Let me introduce you to the 10 weeks to 10k programme. After plenty of research on trusty Google, I decided to create my own schedule.

I bypassed the ready-made plans online simply because none of them seemed to suit me, so I took all the useful bits from them to make a customised version that will take me from my standard 5k through to that aspired 10,000km. At least that's the plan. 

Week one is now done, complete with big fat ticks (yes, even on the rest days) and I feel empowered. The idea of transitioning to 10k has often felt insurmountable, especially in our little British heatwave, but the increments are achievable - suddenly I feel confident that I can do this. 

Bring on week two. 


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